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Portrait Gallery

Some of these are shot using a portable studio set up, others are shot doing lighting on the fly...

  • SG 20081023-068 Web
  • SG 20081023-109 Web
  • SG 20081023-124 Web
  • SG-20070721-30 Web
    My great niece, very photogenic and fairly co-operative most of the time.
  • Alison & Ryan
    Alison & Ryan are always cooperative.
  • Gail & John
  • SG 20070825 063 Web
    No, I don't do weddings. This was a one time only, special occasion for my nephew. I really like the light in this photograph.
  • Lilly At 90 Web
    Lilly Gray, my mother, a photo for her 90th birthday invitation.
  • Lilly Rhys 11-2-2006 08 Web
  • Lilly Rhys 5-23-2006 16 Web
    My niece and great niece.
  • Lilly Rhys 5-23-2006 21 Web
  • Lilly Rhys 8-27-2006 02 Web
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