Bike Portrait – Kings Gap

Bike Portrait, Kings Gap – Nikon D800E, IR converted, 24-120mm

I was taking some images at Kings Gap yesterday and took a look at the sunset view from the patio. A lady and her daughter, Katie were shooting a portrait from the patio overlook. I joined in and shot a few images of Katie. In talking to them I got their emails so I could send them copies of the images I took but somehow managed to lose the contact info…so if you see this image Katie, please contact me using the Contact Form on my website so I can send you larger copies of the images. I have looked everywhere and it must have fallen out of my pocket somewhere in my travels.

Nick Dewar – Early 1970s

Nick Dewar - Early 1970s

Nick Dewar – Early 1970s

This is a portrait of the late son of some dear friends from my days in Scotland. It brings back some wonderful memories from my time in Scotland. Nick was drawing on his mother’s hand that afternoon, if you look closely you can see a face in her palm. The special part is that he went on to become a very accomplished illustrator like his dad. He called me Fotographie because I always seemed to have a camera. Sadly he passed away much too young, you can view some of his work here Click to view a little larger…

Windy Day at Tybee

Ansie at Tybee

Ansie at Tybee - D700, 24-70mm

One morning during the workshop in Savannah we went to Tybee Island to shoot. It was pretty windy that day. Here are two shots from the morning. First one is of Ansie, a lovely lady from South Africa who was gracious enough to do some posing for me under the pier. Thanks again, Ansie… Second shot is a composite self portrait using a RF remote.

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Tybee Self Portrait

Tybee Self Portrait - D700, 24-70mm

Guitar Bob

Guitar Bob

Guitar Bob - D700, 24-70mm

While wondering around the streets and squares with Wes in Savannah we ran into “Guitar Bob”. Bob is a street musician and friend of Craig’s and has modeled for him many times. Craig’s images of Bob are always strong, powerful portraits so I was a bit hesitant to take any photos of Bob. Somehow I overcame that fear and took some photos anyway. Bob is a very gentle guy and I saw that quickly when I was shooting him. This came out better that I thought and was glad I took some images…

For you photo geeks: ISO 1600, f/10 @ 1/100 with a Singh-Ray Soft Ray filter to spread the highlights and soften the shadows. Post production in CS5 with Nik Color Efex Pro 3 using Tonal Contrast, Paper Toner and Glamour Glow. Craig said he couldn’t wait to tell Bob I used Glamour Glow on him. Maybe it’s a good thing I am no longer in Savannah???

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Eric Sommer – Part 2

Eric Sommer-1

Eric Sommer 1 – D700, Lensbaby Sweet 35

A couple more shots of Eric Sommer shot in Savannah…I told you Eric was a fun guy.

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Eric Sommer-2

Eric Sommer 2 – D700, Lensbaby Sweet 35

Eric Sommer-3

Eric Sommer 3 – D700, Lensbaby Sweet 35

Eric Sommer – Savannah

Eric Sommers - Savannah

Eric Sommer, Savannah - D700, Lensbaby Sweet 35

We were in Savannah, GA last week, I was in a photo workshop with Craig Tanner from TME (The Mindful Eye Photography School) and my wife was touring Savannah and eating well. If you are passionate about photography do yourself a favor and visit Craig’s site you will be glad you did. Probably the best photography instructor you will ever meet and a awesome person to boot. If you can afford to do one of his workshops and they are not booked up, DO IT!

While shooting on the streets of Savannah I had the pleasure of taking a coffee break with Wes Norman, Craig’s assistant for the week. We got our coffee and sat down across from this gentleman and struck up a conversation about cameras. The guy, Eric Sommer, was a singer/guitarist on the road playing 270 dates a year. We asked if we could shoot some photos of him and worked our way outside to Chippewa Square. Eric was a very friendly guy and we had a great time taking photos. This is one of my favorites.

Great town, friendly people, good food, awesome workshop…dosen’t get any better than that for me!