Honeysuckle Part 3

Honeysuckle No.1

Honeysuckle No.1 - D700, 85mm PC

A few more honeysuckle images and then I think we are done with the vine…I was trying to get a feeling of the plant and the environment without being overly documentary. Anyway that was the thought as I was taking images…

Honeysuckle No.2

Honeysuckle No.2 - D700, 85mm PC

Honeysuckle No.3

Honeysuckle No.3 - D700, Lensbaby Composer

Honeysuckle No.4

Honeysuckle No.4 - D700, Lensbaby Composer

Sweet-Smelling Honeysuckle

Sweet Smelling Honeysuckle

Sweet Smelling Honeysuckle - D700, Lensbaby Composer, Edge 80 optic

The ridge behind our house is covered with honeysuckle, smells really sweet in the evening sometimes. I remembered some wonderful images Betsy Dallas posted on her blog some time back of some honeysuckle blossoms so I dove in with my Lensbaby Composer with the new Edge 80 optic. A little Flypaper Texture and some Nik Color Efex Pro filters later and this is what I ended up with…I can still smell the honeysuckle! May have some more honeysuckle images to post later, lots to still go through.

Click to view a little larger…