Light Painting Workshop Image

Light Painting Workshop Image – Nikon D810, 85mm PC

Learned a “ton” of stuff while doing a light painting workshop with Harold Ross the last few days. Harold is an absolute master at light painting and just as masterful at teaching light painting. Neither of which is easy to do. If you are serious at learning how to light paint you could do no better than Harold!!! The lovely Vera, his wife, was also a joy to meet and spend some time with. My brain needs to absorb all the info Harold precisely poured into it and see where I will go with that…many thanks to Harold.

Tomatoes Full Size Crop

Marble and Deer Full Size Crop

High Key Layer Stack

High Key Layer Stack – Nikon D810, 24-70mm, 6 image stack

Experimenting with a technique I saw used by Harold Davis, painting in transparency using a high key layer stack in Photoshop. Images (6 bracketed images) shot on a LED light box then stacked in Photoshop and painted in…click to view a little larger.

Lots to learn here, stay tuned for more as I have some fun…

High Key Layer Stack, Lab Inversions – Nikon D810, 24-70mm, 6 image stack

High Key Layer Stack, w/texture – Nikon D810, 24-70mm, 6 image stack