High Key Layer Stack

High Key Layer Stack – Nikon D810, 24-70mm, 6 image stack

Experimenting with a technique I saw used by Harold Davis, painting in transparency using a high key layer stack in Photoshop. Images (6 bracketed images) shot on a LED light box then stacked in Photoshop and painted in…click to view a little larger.

Lots to learn here, stay tuned for more as I have some fun…

High Key Layer Stack, Lab Inversions – Nikon D810, 24-70mm, 6 image stack

High Key Layer Stack, w/texture – Nikon D810, 24-70mm, 6 image stack

Bike Portrait – Kings Gap

Bike Portrait, Kings Gap – Nikon D800E, IR converted, 24-120mm

I was taking some images at Kings Gap yesterday and took a look at the sunset view from the patio. A lady and her daughter, Katie were shooting a portrait from the patio overlook. I joined in and shot a few images of Katie. In talking to them I got their emails so I could send them copies of the images I took but somehow managed to lose the contact info…so if you see this image Katie, please contact me using the Contact Form on my website so I can send you larger copies of the images. I have looked everywhere and it must have fallen out of my pocket somewhere in my travels.