Pink Azalea – Lensbaby

Pink Azalea - Lensbaby

Pink Azalea - D700, Lensbaby Composer Pro, Fish-eye Optic

Looking around the garden yesterday trying to find a different view of my annual ‘lily of the valley’ photos. I got the Lensbaby fisheye optic out and started sketching to see if it would give me something different. Anyway I got sidetracked by the color of the azalea’s. Yes, I did get some lily of the valley shots that were OK…I’m refining that image some more.

When I started processing this shot I fell in love with the color’s and mood of the shot. Processed in Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 with the Polaroid Transfer filter and a few tweaks back in Photoshop. Not what I expected, but happy to find it…

Click for a larger view…

One thought on “Pink Azalea – Lensbaby

  1. Wow, it has an appearance of a glass paper weight. It traps you into continually following around and around the image always leading you back to the azalea.
    Keep them coming.

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